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Welcome to Decide Your Destiny, a movement for personal growth, transformation, and empowerment. Created by Kyle, a man whose life journey defied all odds, we provide the tools you need to overcome limiting beliefs, traumatic experiences, and life's challenges. Ready to choose a bigger life? Your journey starts here..

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Decide to Create a Sense of Urgency

Decide to Trust in the Process

Decide if it's Going to Be, It's Up to Me!

In this daily dose we extract the essence of 'Memento Mori' to bring a sense of importance to this heartbeat and what you do with it. Memento Mori assists in us serving our people better.

In this daily dose we share the insights from the teaching of Epictetus. In particular, we unpack the importance of distinguishing all that is in our power and is not in our power.

We join a successful CEO in this Daily Dose to discuss the power to manifest into our Destiny. Luis was inspired by the 'Thank You' which created a profitable business as well as a charitable movement providing water to those who need it most on our planet.

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